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  • "No one can out exercise bad
    nutrition, so we encourage our
    boot camp warriors to learn &
    get on a nutrition plan that
    works for them." -InStyleSilvia

About Red Carpet Boot Camps & Mission Statement

Red Carpet Boot Camps is an organized group exercise facility with a passion to help people of all genders, races, ages and fitness levels. We assist you in achieving a healthy life style. Our mission is to provide structured, modern, and encouraging 60 min workouts through a mixture of resistance training (TRX), toning, cardio, calisthenics, pilates, yoga, X fit and tabata style formats indoors and outdoors. (Modifications will be made for individuals whom are beginners or who have medical restrictions.)
Our goal is to help people achieve extraordinary results in the shortest amount of time, in the best known and NATURAL manner through a combination of exercise and nutrition. No one can out exercise bad nutrition, so we emphasize having our boot camp warriors enroll for 90 days and encourage them to take on our 90 day nutrition challenge. (We request that everyone partakes in some type of nutrition plan even if it's an outside source. We want to see you succeed and do what works for you!) Health is not just outer appearance but a lifestyle that takes time to obtain. 30 days creates a habit but 90 days turns those habits into everyday living that will shift you into a lifetime of health!
“Its amazing that the two most common diseases are diabetes and obesity yet they are amongst the few medical conditions that can be curable or reversible!” Ms. Castros' statistics show an astounding number of obesity and diabetes cases in our country and after 7 years of maintaining a healthy lifestyle it has now become In Style Silvia’s destiny to help others do it naturally and learn from her mistakes. In Style Silvia decided to take on this epic journey personally by launching Red Carpet Boot Camps and R.C.B.C. Fitness Studio after trying everything from A to Z to lose weight and finally accomplishing it. She lost approximately 160lbs and is looking for individuals who are ready and willing to be coached into health success!
“Never follow someone up a mountain if they have not already conquered it themselves. A teacher can teach you something they have learned, but a leader can lead you through a valley and up a mountain with compassion, empathy, and the right encouragement because they have already walked that path!”
Red Carpet Boot Camps also offer X-Fit workouts on our calendar, these specific classes are vigorous 30-minute classes that use kettle bells and constant movement. (Not recommended for beginning athletes)
Our overall mission is to help people in their current state get to their desired HEALTH zone. Our definition of health at R.C.B.C Fitness Studio and Red Carpet Boot Camps is as follows: EXTERNAL Health (physically) through exercise, INTERNAL Health (Nutrition) 90 day Challenge and SPIRITUAL health (We are a Christian boot camp offering prayer to anyone who asks for it) We believe in building up, not breaking down, during our work outs unlike traditional boot camps. We motivate and encourage people to achieve their personal goals in a more comfortable environment.