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    • Preparing for your Sunless Tan

      -Wait at least 6 hours before you shower, if you can wait 8-10 hours, that's ideal.
      -The color can rub off a little bit on your clothes or sheets until you take your first shower, but washes out. Just be careful with special fabrics or unique bathing suits. It's best to wear dark, loose clothing after your tanning session. /br> -You can wear whatever you want during the tan, most people just wear underwear bottoms but fully nude is ok.
      -You won't want to exercise, sweat or do dishes in the hours after your tanning session. These activities can cause your tan to drip or wash off on certain areas.
      -To prepare for your tan, it's best to come freshly showered, shaved and exfoliated, but it's not essential. If you have remaining spray tan on you, you can either scrub it off, or we can spray over it if it has faded nicely.

      Extending the life of your Sunless Tan

      -The best way to keep your tan lasting as long as possible is to keep your skin well moisturized.
      -Don't use products with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, these products exfoliate the skin and will make your tan fade faster.
      -Long hot baths and chlorine in pools will cause your skin to exfoliate faster.
      -Touch-up your tan in between tanning sessions with our lotion selection at Sunless San Diego

      Competition Tanning

      We offer competition tanning please call for pricing as onsite and off site pricing changes! (619) 500-2898 We get a lot of questions from new (and sometimes seasoned) competitors about spray tanning for the shows. Having a good, even tan when you step on stage is one major key to success on stage!

      Q: When should I book my tanning appointment?
      A: You should book your tanning appointment as soon as possible to ensure you are able to book appointment times that are convenient for you. The most organized and prepared competitors begin calling about a month to a month and a half in advance so it’s best not to wait!

      Q: Why should I book with a spray tanner vs. having a friend help me put on a competition spray tanning product?
      A: Your tan is one of the most important aspects of your appearance on stage. Airbrush application of tanning solutions produces a uniform micro spray of product on the skin which is superior to hand application methods by an inexperienced friend. A professional competition spray tanner will have knowledge and experience applying the competition tanning solution for the most even and smooth looking tan. They will also be familiar with common problems that can occur as you wear your tan throughout the day and how to fix them.

      Q: Can I just go to any tanning salon and get a few coats of color?
      A: No. Competition tanning solution is a specialized product that is much different from the type of tanning solutions that are regularly used in tanning salons. You absolutely must use a tanning solution which is intended for bodybuilding/fitness competitions. Using any other type of solution will not produce a final color that is dark enough under the bright stage lighting.

      Q: How many coats do I need and how far in advance of the show do I start getting sprayed?
      A: Spray tan application usually begins two days before the competition and often times additional coats are applied the morning of the competition before prejudging. As a general rule, each competitor will need 2 to 4 coats to achieve the appropriate stage color. However, the number of coats needed varies from competitor to competitor because each persons skin is different and will react differently with the tanning solution. Additionally, not all spray tanners use the same competition tanning solution so the number of coats can also vary from company to company.

      Q: Will my spray tan get on my clothes and sheets when I sleep?
      A: Yes, your tan can rub off onto clothing, sheets, towels and other surfaces. You should wear loose, dark clothing after your tan has been applied. If you are staying at a hotel, it is necessary to bring your own sheets and towels to use to avoid extra cleaning charges from hotel management. It may be helpful to know that the tanning solution is water-soluble and will usually wash out of your clothing without staining.

      Q: What should I use for stage oil, I’ve heard some competitors use PAM —is that a good idea?
      A: It is best to use a non-aerosol oil or glaze that can be poured directly into your hand. You should not use any oil that contains petroleum based products (ex. baby oil) as they can smear your tan giving you a splotchy appearance on stage. If you are unsure where to find a suitable oil or glaze, ask your spray tanner for a recommendation.

      Q: How do I get the spray tan off after the competition?
      A: Once your tan has been applied, you will not be able to shower until after the show. During your first shower after the show, the majority of the color will wash off with water alone. The remaining color will last up to one week and will slowly fade away over time as your skin exfoliates much like a natural tan from the sun.

      Q: Do I have to tan naked?
      A: For the most even tan with no visible tan lines, it is best to tan nude. At Sunless San Diego, we tan each client inside a tanning enclosure and only the person applying your tan can see you. We take pride in making each client feel comfortable with the process. However, if you are uncomfortable tanning nude your tan can be applied while wearing undergarments but it is important to know that some tan lines may be visible.

      Q: Is there anything else I should know about getting spray tanned?
      A: It is extremely important to follow the skin prep instructions given to you by your spray tanner. Only you have control over the condition of your skin when you arrive for you tan. If you have not carefully followed your skin prep instructions there are a number of problems that can arise with your tan. The most common problems that occur as a result of improper skin prep are dark blotches, tan turning green, failure to dry (leaving a sticky tan), and sensitivity to runs/streaks/marks on the tan.

      Sunless Tan & Bed Tan Sun Exposure

      Why are tanning beds/excessive sun exposure bad for me?
      Whether it comes from the sun or from artificial sources such as sun lamps and tanning beds, ultraviolent radiation is linked to skin cancers and to other sorts of skin damage, particularly premature skin aging, reports the September 2009 issue of Harvard Women's Health Watch.

      How does UVA Exposure damage my skin ?
      Ultraviolet radiation is one part of the spectrum of light that reaches the earth from the sun. The longer ultraviolet rays (UVA), which penetrate deep into the skin, are responsible for tanning. Shorter rays (UVB) damage superficial skin cell layers, causing sunburn. Tanning beds use fluorescent bulbs that emit mostly UVA, with smaller doses of UVB. The amount of UVA radiation emitted in a tanning bed is up to three times more intense than the UVA in natural sunlight, and the UVB intensity in tanning beds approaches that of bright sunlight.

      How do I reduce my risk of skin cancer?
      There's mounting evidence of a link between tanning bed use and all skin cancers. In 2002, a study found that use of an indoor tanning device was associated with a 50% increase in the risk of basal cell carcinoma and a more than 100% increase in the risk of squamous cell carcinoma. In 2007, an international cancer research organization found that people who started indoor tanning before age 35 had a 75% greater risk of developing melanoma, a serious and sometimes life-threatening cancer.

      Time to flaunt your gorgeous tan!

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